We are now able to show and prepare occupied properties.There are many rules in place designed to protect homeowners, prospective buyers, agents, and vendors during the Shelter In Place order. 

I have a firm grasp on the new rules and new accompanying documents required, so if you are curious, give me a call. Home sellers will want to have a discussion with their agent about how their home will be shown, how to best stay safe, and what documentation will be required of the folks who are entering their homes. Limiting numbers of people in the home at one time, requiring personal protective gear, obtaining certifications from folks entering the home, and making the home available for viewing by virtual open house/showings are all tools to help keep everyone safe. There are many different strategies that you can employ depending on your individual circumstances. I am happy to help you design a custom marketing strategy for you and your home.

While we are all excited to get back to business-as-almost-usual, we must keep in mind that there is still a threat to our health out there, and there are precautions to take, and protocol to follow.

If you are not ready to go now, but want to be ready to go at a later date, now is the time to plan! Now is the time to pack up the things you won’t need (winter clothes, extra linens, extra books, home decor, etc) and to declutter your home. It’s a great time to deep clean, tidy the garage, clean up the yard. Look inside closets and cabinets- do they need clearing out, cleaning, new shelf paper for a fresh look?

If you are not sure what to do, take photos of each room and outdoor spaces, and send them to me. I’ll give you some ideas. Every little thing you get done now is something you won’t have to do later! Chipping away slowly may be less painful and a good use of the extra time we have now.

It’s also a great time to refinance for many folks, and if you are going to buy something else, get pre qualified now.

There is always something positive you can do to prepare. And doing something always feels better than wondering or worrying about it.

I am always happy to answer questions and offer suggestions, or kick around ideas, so please feel free to contact me. I’m here to help.


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