Why Stage My Home?


Although staging is now known to many people through home channels on cable and through the media as being important, it is still often the most difficult aspect of marketing for home sellers to understand and accept. Whether you hire a professional, or do it yourself with professional advice, professionally preparing your home is one of the most important actions you take with regard to the sale of your home. 
  • First and most importantly, remember that you are leaving this home. When preparing your home for sale, I am packaging a product to make it most desirable to prospective buyers. The changes may not be what you would choose to do, but trust me, I’m watching out for your profit margin.

  • Statistically, staged homes sell faster and for more money than un-staged homes. Much more. Staging evokes the emotions of a prospective buyer. It helps them see what could be. It gives your home a different personality. Buyers want what looks and feels good to them.  
  • Whether I am asking for fresh paint, a new floor, a de-clutter session or a full staging professional, I do not make these suggestions lightly. I carefully consider the cost-to-benefit before making suggestions. If the change won’t more than pay for itself, I won’t suggest it.